Brewery Review: Blackwater Trading Co (Moffat Beach Brewing)


Having lived in Brisbane most of my life, I know that there are two types of Brisbaneintes, Northsiders and Southsiders. Which side you choose can be a complex choice involving a lot of variables but one factor that plays strongly is which beaches you prefer, the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast.

Whilst the Sunshine Coast is known for its beautiful beaches, its laid back vibe and its abundant, clean white sand, the Gold Coast is known for bikies, crime and needles. (Just kidding) Read More


The House Pale Ale: Version 1

House Pale Ale

Whilst my obsession with home brewing is quite strong, I really haven’t been doing it for a whole lot of time. Because of this I haven’t really brewed any one style more than once. Whilst this can be fun, I haven’t been able to dial in any of my own recipes. I thought it was perhaps time that should change. Read More

The ‘How to All Grain Homebrew Series’: #1 Mashing

Esky Mash Tun
It seems fitting that the first post in my ‘How to All Grain Homebrew Series’ is for mashing. Not only is this pretty much the first step in the process, it is also the part which confuses non-brewers the most as they are used to seeing a can of goop replacing this step.

If you are confused, the can of goop is what is called ‘extract’ and is basically a pre-done mash for you. Whilst this can afford great time efficiencies, I enjoy making the beer from scratch as it guarantees I have the freshest beer I can make (plus I enjoy it). Read More

What equipment do I need to brew my own beer?

If you want to get into homebrewing, you are going to need equipment. This equipment can be as simple as a pot on your stove or an expensive 3 vessel system with automated controls. The first thing you want to consider is if you want to brew with extract or all grain.

It used to be the norm that homebrewers would start by brewing extract and after one or two years, they would ‘graduate’ to all grain. Nowadays however, more and more people are starting with all grain. With the abundance of information available on the internet and the relatively small difference in equipment needed, I would tend to recommend if you are serious about it, starting with all grain. I did and I wouldn’t change it. Read More