Beer of the moment: La Sirene Wild Saison

La Sirene Saison

I’ve become a little obsessed with ‘farm ales’ as of late. Particularly saisons. Something about the romance of them being produced in a barn by methods passed down from generation to generation really appeals to my inner hipster. The fact that the modern day saisons are rarely produced anything like their forefather counterparts does nothing to destroy this romanticism for me.

For those who don’t know what a saison is, it is a style of beer originating out of Western Europe. The uniqueness of saisons stems from the flavour driven yeast they use which performs well in temperatures its other yeastie brothers would turn their nose up at. I have heard of saisons being fermented in the mid 30’s and still coming out amazing. Read More


The ‘How to All Grain Homebrew Series’: #2 Sparging

Welcome to number 2 of the ‘How to All Grain Homebrew Series’. If you missed it, go and check out #1 Mashing. Without it, this post may be a little bit confusing.

So you have had a successful mash? At this stage you have removed all the blankets on your mash tun, measured your temperature and it has only dropped a couple of degrees. Now you need to get that sweet wort from your mash tun into your kettle. Read More

Brewery Review: Green Beacon Brewery

Green Beacon

This review may be a little late to be of any value given Green Beacon Brewing opened it’s doors in January 2013. That being said, I’m always surprised about how many people don’t know about this amazing staple to the Brisbane Craft Beer Scene.

Having been open for nearly three years, Green Beacon was one of the first craft breweries to open in Brisbane. Established by Brisbane school friends Marc Christmas and Adrian Slaughter, the inspiration for this brewery was fuelled by similar breweries in other parts of the world. Read More

The ‘How to All Grain Homebrew Series’: #1.5 BIAB Mashing- Guest Post by Sean Hasselback


This is how we brew it

In the ‘Mashing’ instalment of the ‘How to All Grain Homebrew Series’, Ben mentioned the Brew In A Bag method of mashing.  Well I’m Ben’s friend, Sean, I brew in a bag, and I’m gunna tell you how!

If you haven’t already read the Mashing post, read that first.  Also, if you haven’t seen the Bad Lip Reading channel on YouTube, you should watch that too.  It is not relevant, but it is hilarious. Read More

Where do I get recipes for homebrewing?

So you’ve got your equipment all ready and you’re keen to get started on your first batch. What should you make?

It is generally recommended that you start with an ale. Brewing a lager comes with more complexities that you probably don’t need right now. Its not necessarily harder, but why add further steps at this early stage? Read More