Clone Corner: Rogue Dead Guy Ale


Those who know me well know that i have a soft spot for Hawaii. If I could wrangle being a ‘remote employee’ I would move there in a heartbeat. The beautiful beaches, the massive delicious meals and the large amount of available craft beer, it really is heaven on earth. Last year my wife and i spent a week on Oahu (well technically my wife was there 2 weeks because she could score the extra week off work but we don’t talk about that!) Read More


The ‘How to All Grain Homebrew Series’: #3 The Boil

The Boil

So you’ve mashed, you’ve sparged and you’ve ended up with the right amount of liquid in your kettle as per your recipe. So what comes next? The Boil.

Boiling your wort will provide enough heat to kill any bacterial contamination (specifically lactobacillus). In addition, boiling your wort serves to cease any further enzyme activity which has likely been completed after your mash. Read More

My first Russian Imperial Stout

Russian Imperial Stout

Brewing a Russian Imperial Stout or an RIS is a bit of right of passage when it comes to homebrewers. It says to the world, hey, I can brew 19L of a ridiculously strong beer because I’m that kind of geek.

Until recently I’ve been pretty hesitant to brew a RIS. I had read a lot on them and knew that a lot of people suffered issues with stalling and keeping the yeasties happy. Despite my best intentions, most of these fears turned out to be a real thing for me. Read More