Book Review (kind of): BYO Magazine


I always knew I would be into homebrewing, the question for me really was when.

In my late teens/early 20’s I started doing some basic ‘kit and kilo’ brewing. I worked at a supermarket and would usually mark down the ‘damaged’ tins in order to feed my hefty university beer requirements. The beer was truly horrible but at a time when money was scarce, my friends and I were just happy to have something to drink which didn’t cost the entirety of our meagre incomes.

One day I decided I wanted to brew a ‘good beer’ and sought ingredients from a local homebrew store to do a ‘Corona clone’. Again the beer was horrible and I essentially gave up the hobby.

Fast forward a few years and one of my friends got into homebrewing in a big way. After tasting his delicious beer, I declared I would get back into it but not until I moved into a house, as I was in a small apartment. But the bug had started and once it had started, it could not be stopped.

I started to consume as much information as I could about homebrewing and it still hasn’t stopped. Last year I subscribed to the electronic version of BYO Magazine. For those of you who don’t know, BYO magazine is an American homebrewing magazine put out 8 times a year. At a price of $28USD, it is quite a reasonable buy considering the high price of magazines in Australia.

Each edition seems to have something for everyone with a good mix of beginner information, advanced material and interesting stories. The magazine is also chock full of recipes which are thankfully provided in metric as well as imperial. I have also noticed lately that more and more recipes are starting to include the water chemistry which I think is a real benefit for someone who is looking to start making changes in this area of brewing.

All in all, BYO is a great read and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Even though I’m a huge brewing nerd, there are articles that take it a little too far for me so be prepared that you may find portions of it not as interesting as you would hope. That being said, they have done a great job of making sure there is something for everyone and there is definitely enough good information and recipes in every edition to justify the price.

If you can’t find room in the budget (brewing is an expensive hobby!), their website lists some of the articles from each edition so you can spend a huge amount of time reading free material. You can also get a free trial edition on the website which is well worth a read.

If you have any questions about BYO or anything else, let me know below. Always happy to help.


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