Beer of the Moment: Bridge Road Chevalier Saison

Bridge Road SaisonI have previously talked about how much I love Saisons and farmhouse ales in general. Whether its the dry taste, the complex yeast derived flavours, or just the simple joy of being able to pronounce something most people stuff up, Saisons are right up my alley.

So whilst having a particular stressful Tuesday at work, I decided that I needed to reward myself. I work in Brisbane City so my local craft beer haunt is Malt Traders on Market St. Their selection is varied and worthy of an entire blog post on its own. Whilst there my eyes locked on this beauty. I’m not sure whether it was the stellar reputation of Bridge Road or whether it was simply I was having a pretty stressful day and this was the size of a wine bottle, but I knew I wanted this beer.

So how was it? Unfortunately whilst tasty, it wasn’t really what I expected. The taste was definitely wine like with a dry, heavily carbonated classic noble hop character. I also got prominent tastes of wheat which are common in this style. Whilst it was a great classic saison, I really didn’t get the character out of it I was looking for. Having had a lot of Saison’s lately with Brett in it (a type of yeast), I fear I may have come to associate Saisons with the funk. I think a little more investigation may be warranted.

Looking through Untappd reviews for palettes far superior to mine, I see similar ratings and comments with many comments that this is good, just not great. I gave this 3 stars on Untappd.

if you have Untappd feel free to add me @benbrett1. By doing so you will be joining a very exclusive club (read: I have very few friends)


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