Bar Review: Fitz + Potts Nundah


I love living in Brisbane at the moment. A few years ago it felt a little bit like a cultural wasteland and I was pretty envious of our brothers and sisters in Sydney and Melbourne. This has been changing rapidly over the last couple of years and not only are we getting great bars in central areas, we are now getting great bars in the suburbs!

Living in Nundah I was pretty excited to hear about the opening of Fits + Potts. The first thing is that this bar looks a lot cooler than my pictures give it credit! I am a terrible photographer so encourage you to go and check it out and don’t judge it based on my photos!


The interior is op-shop chic which makes for a pretty cosy area. At first we struggled to get any decent seating (it is already pretty popular) and ended up sitting somewhere pretty awkward seats but then something opened up and the area got pretty relaxing.

The beer choices are epic and I was pretty excited. I had a Pirate Life Throwback IPA which wasn’t what I was hoping for, considering how epic the IIPA was! I didn’t hang around too long but I will be back pretty regularly.


This is a great bar which just happens to be a local for me making it even better. I highly recommend you check it out, particularly if you are on the northside.



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