Beer of the Moment: 4 Pines West Coast Red Rye IPA


There is very little 4 pines can do wrong at the moment. Apparently being one of the best craft beer producers in the country isn’t good enough for this Manly, NSW based brewery, instead they continue to produce banger after banger and the Australian beer scene is definitely taking notice.

You may know 4 pines from their Pale Ale, a beer that year after year rates in the top 10 of Australian craft beers (last year ranking 3rd). Whilst 4 Pines has great distribution of its core range, it continue to produce its ‘Kellar Door’ series which has produced some excellent beers over the years.

My Beer of the Moment is the West Coast Red Rye IPA. Coming in at 7.3%ABV, this beer seems to be consistent with my current attitude of drinking super alcoholic IPAs.

If you’re going to look for this beer after my review, likely don’t bother. I got on the bandwagon as the last of the bottles were selling out and the age in this IPA was starting to show. Whilst I got a decent hop character out of the Citra/Amarillo combo, it was clear that this beer was not as sharp as it once was. Instead the malt bill with a hefty douse of Rye really made this beer stand out. It was quite enjoyable despite the subdued hop character. Not coming across as unbalanced at all.

The pour left a long lasting creamy head which made the beer quite enjoyable. The colour was a dark red. What little hop character there was blew off pretty quickly leaving a very drinkable beer. In fact, I could easily drink many of these despite their hefty abv which is always a sign of a great beer.

I gave this beer a 3.5 on Untappd. This is a pretty tough rating but based on the beer I had in my hand. If I had tried this fresh at the brewery, I dare say we would see a number in the mid 4’s.

If we aren’t friends on Untappd, why not? My username is benbrett1. I promise I’m a super cool internet friend!




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