Review: Digital Homebrew Font Snake

Font Snake

This post is a bit of a follow on from my previous post, ‘My keg set up and what it cost me’. If you haven’t read it, check it out. During this post I mentioned that I had bought a Font Snake. There was a bit to talk about for the font snake so I thought it would be better placed in its own post.

So what is a font snake and why would you need one? When I got my kegerator I was pretty excited to start putting beers through it. However, I quickly realised I was having issues with carbonation. Whenever I poured a beer I would get a glass of foam and it wasn’t until the second or third beer that the foam would calm down. A quick google search revealed I was definitely not the only person with this problem.

My keg set up is a traditional kegerator with a 3 tap font on top. The insides of the fridge keep the kegs cool but the problem is as the beer rises through the unrefrigerated font, it warms up and starts to release carbonation meaning that you end up with a glass full of foam. The reason this would improve after a couple of beers is because the cold beer will have cooled the lines and the font. A suggestion that popped up over and over again was to get a font snake/fan.

A font snake is a little mini fan (think PC fan) which has a tube attached to it. The fan gets placed in your kegerator and the tube runs up the font thereby blowing the cold air from the kegerator up the font. As with all things in homebrew, there was two ways I could approach this, either build one myself or buy one.

Now for those of you who read this blog regularly you will start to see a common theme…I’m not handy. I really am not. I try to be every now and then but usually end up spending more money trying to fix something I made badly resulting in me spending more money and ending up with an inferior product. Plus who has spare PC fans lying around? I was very surprised how the forums thought this was a normal thing…

Dancing Beer Bird

Anyway, my searches caused me to stumble upon Digital Homebrew is a local company which produces homebrew specific items mainly the font snake and stirplates. A review of testimonials from other clients had nothing but positive things to say about them and they seemed like a trustworthy company. I also like to buy local when I can and support small business. The font snake set me back $79.45 including delivery which wasn’t the cheapest. That being said, I was willing to pay a little bit more for the confidence I was getting a good product from a local business. The price has gone up a little and as at today was approx. $89. This is because the Australian dollar is getting smashed and he has had to change the prices to USD. If you are interested as to why, check out this blog which more than explains why this was reasonable:

So did the font snake sort out my woes? 100% yes. As soon as it was installed I noticed the difference. My carbonation became uniform and my beer was colder when it hit the glass. What I also liked about the font snake was there was an easy to reach switch and variable speed allowing me to turn it on and off if required and cool quicker if need be.

If you have any questions about font snakes or kegging in general leave it below!


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