A Brisbane based homebrewer, my story is a familiar one. Developing a love for beer during university, I quickly started to discover that foreign beer seemed to have more flavour. It wasn’t until later in life I realised that the flavour I was enjoying was as a result of having a beer style that was not a light lager. In university I started ‘kit and kilo’ brewing to obtain this flavour at a lower cost but quickly gave up after realising that the beer I was making was rubbish.

It wasn’t until nearly a decade later (in 2014) that a friend introduced me to all grain homebrewing. His beers were quite good and I was shocked to realise you can make beer at home as good, or better than commercial examples. At this time I started brewing myself, delving straight into all grain brewing having bought a second hand kit from gumtree.

I have since become obsessed with homebrewing and can’t help but read everything I can get my hands on. This blog is not meant to be an informative source from an expert but instead is to chronical my experiences in learning this great hobby. My hope is that if someone is interested in starting out, this blog will inspire them to give it a go. The blog is also an opportunity for me to share my sad musings on the exploding Brisbane and Australian beer scene.

Now I all I need to do is to figure out how to brew that perfect beer…


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