Bar Review: Bloodhound Bar- Fortitude Valley

Bloodhound Bar

A good friend of mine who lives in Singapore recently returned to Brisbane for another friend’s wedding. Having left Brisbane a few years ago and subsequently lived in Sydney and then Singapore, he has certainly got used to have a great amount of cultural variety to choose from.

When he left Brisbane, the craft beer scene was really just starting to kick off and he has missed out on it blossoming into what it is today. So when he suggested we go out to dinner, Bloodhound Bar quickly popped up (oddly suggested by him!)

Bloodhound Bar is a relatively new player on the scene but has already made quite an impression on the craft beer community. Opening in May 2015, the bar has already hosted a number of ‘tap takeovers’ for local brewers which is great for supporting and encouraging drinking fresh.

To say that these guys have nailed ambience would simply not be doing them justice. This is clearly a bar that has given a lot of thought to how they want their patrons to feel when they are enjoying their food and beverages. For those of you who are Brisbanites, you may know the venue as the old Tibetan Kitchen and may recall that the building is built a little awkwardly. The front bar could not be faulted but the back area feels a little secluded from the main area. This is unfortunately a hangover from how the bar was laid out previously and without substantial demolition work, really couldn’t be changed. That being said, the addition of great lighting and fixtures has made this a pretty good area.

The bar has 10 taps which seem to rotate and offer a great selection of beers. I started with a Brewcult ‘Can’t Fight the Funk Farmhouse IPA’ and things only got better from there! As I write this, the tap list (on Now Tapped) lists Stone Brewing’s Ruination Double IPA, White Lies XPA, and Code Red by Black Hops Brewing amongst others. To say this bar puts on interesting beers would be an understatement! Although I didn’t get into the bottles I did sight some great favourites including Epic Hop Zombie.


Saving the best for last, I need to talk about the food. Bloodhound bar has bucked the trend and have decided not to serve American food. Whilst I am a HUGE lover of American food, it is starting to become a saturated market and the last thing we probably need is another craft beer pumping out wings and ribs. Instead, Peruvian chef Gabriel Escalante-Gafau has created a latin-american inspired menu centring around Mexican soft corn tortilla tacos.

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much of these and thought they would simply be a great filler to wash down excellent craft beer. I was very wrong. These were AMAZING! They were so flavourful and each taste complimented the other. Pairing these with hoppy IPAs seemed to further bring out the complex varieties of flavour. To put it into perspective, I would return here to eat even if they served bad beer. The fact that they have good beer just makes this place perfect.

I highly recommend you check out Bloodhound Bar and support a bar which seems to genuinely care about delivering a great experience for the customer. Especially in the valley, this is quite a refreshing experience and shows how much Brisbane’s bar scene is becoming more sophisticated.

What about you, have you been to Bloodhound Bar?


Bar Review: Fitz + Potts Nundah


I love living in Brisbane at the moment. A few years ago it felt a little bit like a cultural wasteland and I was pretty envious of our brothers and sisters in Sydney and Melbourne. This has been changing rapidly over the last couple of years and not only are we getting great bars in central areas, we are now getting great bars in the suburbs!

Living in Nundah I was pretty excited to hear about the opening of Fits + Potts. The first thing is that this bar looks a lot cooler than my pictures give it credit! I am a terrible photographer so encourage you to go and check it out and don’t judge it based on my photos!


The interior is op-shop chic which makes for a pretty cosy area. At first we struggled to get any decent seating (it is already pretty popular) and ended up sitting somewhere pretty awkward seats but then something opened up and the area got pretty relaxing.

The beer choices are epic and I was pretty excited. I had a Pirate Life Throwback IPA which wasn’t what I was hoping for, considering how epic the IIPA was! I didn’t hang around too long but I will be back pretty regularly.


This is a great bar which just happens to be a local for me making it even better. I highly recommend you check it out, particularly if you are on the northside.